Frequently asked

Are your products Australian Made?
Are your Cosmetic products Vegan?
We’ve noticed ACO COSMOS on your packaging, what does this mean?
Do you test on animals?
Are the product tubes, jars & cartons recyclable?
Where are the ingredients sourced from that are used across these brands?
Who manufactures these brands?
What quality controls do the manufacturer of these brands have in place?
Are the products safe to use on babies?
Are your products safe to use while breastfeeding?
How can I find the expiry date of my product?
Do any of your products contain SPF?
I used to purchase P’URE Papayacare but the packaging was black and orange. Why the change?
If you changed the packaging of P’URE Papayacare did you change the formula too?
Why is my P’URE Papayacare Lips, Skin Food or Ointment product too hard or too soft?
What products contain Hyaluronic Acids?
Can you please tell me a little more about the Papaya you use?

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